One company, multiple stamping operations

Moulding of plastics

Akron S.p.a. offers moulding services using established techniques alongside more recently introduced techniques, thanks to which it is able to improve the final quality of the product. Akron distinguishing feature is its ability to process both the most common plastics and extremely technical and high-quality materials such as PEEK, LCP, PPS/PPSU, carbon-filled PA6/12 and PVDF. A constantly evolving fleet of machines and know-how complete the business environment, making it high-performing and competitive.

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Different types of presses

Injection moulding

Complex geometries, high productivity, quality of the finished product: these are the elements that characterise injection moulding.

Do you also need to make the mould?

We design customised moulds and in doing so provide solutions to improve products and designs. We have an operational facility for the perfect production of every mould on request.

Sharing the experience

We bring our know-how to you

Based on your business requirements, we can develop a long-term project. We can bring our production and processing know-how to your production site, building a solid and mutually beneficial partnership.
This allows us to manage volumes better, optimising time and costs, including transport.