From a small country to an international presence

Our locations

The first office was established in 1987 in Sovere, in the province of Bergamo, followed in 1999 by a second more modern and efficient operating unit. In 2003, the company inaugurated a new site in Grone, and then approached foreign production in 2008 with the first production site in Bacau, Romania, followed by a second site, in the same country, in 2018. An international placement that guarantees flexibility and quality from the design to the assembly of the plastic component.

Italy – Sovere (BG)

Viale delle Industrie 6, 24060, Sovere (BG), Italy

Italy – Grone (BG)

Via Acquasparsa 36, 24060, Grone (BG), Italy

Bacau – Romania (RO)

Strada Tineretului 21, Margineni, 607315, Bacau (RO)

Ploiesti – Romania (RO)

Perc Industrial Ploiesti, Zona Esti-Trup II JUD, Prahova (RO)

Complete organisation

Specialised departments and offices

Our company is well structured and has several offices and departments with cross-functional skills that work in synergy to assist the customer in meeting all his needs.

Office design and industrialisation

The design team studies each project down to the smallest detail to ensure perfect products for the function of application and optimises the production process on an industrial scale at every necessary stage.

Commercial office

It manages every customer requirement to create a lasting synergy that follows projects from before to after product realisation.

Purchasing department

It is responsible for finding the best raw materials through an international network of suppliers to fully meet the requirements of individual orders.

Quality-Metrology Department

The careful work of our professionals ensures that the correct production standards are maintained, thanks also to the application of the most innovative digital measurement technologies in the industry.

Planning and logistics department

It organises the movement and storage of goods in a smooth and organised manner, ensuring precise and punctual deliveries throughout the international territory.

Complete process

Find out in detail how plastics production and processing take place at Akron.

Complete process

Find out in detail how plastics production and processing take place at Akron S.p.a.