Assembly of plastic materials

We assemble the product for you

In order to offer the widest range of services to our customers we are able to assemble the parts we produce to make sub-assemblies or finished products, obtaining advantageous cost reductions. Each assembly is studied in advance with the customer, in order to guarantee the best result by defining together the type and frequency of controls.

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Additional services

Printing, finishing, inspection and assembly: Akron’s services don’t end there. Discover the full range of finishes and proposals to complement your product. 

Do you need to make a product with special plastics?

We are able to make products and components out of a variety of plastics to meet all the required characteristics.

Sharing the experience

We bring our know-how to you

Depending on your business needs we can develop a long-term project. We can bring our production and processing know-how to your production site, building a solid and mutually beneficial partnership. This allows us to manage volumes better while optimising time and costs.