Advances in technology

Our machine park

The Akron’s machine park is very extensive and is designed to meet the specific production and design requirements of each customer. We have 85 injection moulding machines as well as other quality control, pad printing and ultrasonic welding equipment.

79 horizontal injection moulding machines

Used for most plastics moulding operations

9 twin-cylinder presses

Injection moulding machines that simultaneously process two materials by overmoulding them

7 vertical presses

Useful for plastic/metal overmoulding

Pad printing

Used to mark logos, lettering and technical data on parts

Ultrasonic welding

Joins two plastic pieces together.

AI machines for optical control

The latest technology is at our disposal to help us with quality control.

Production process

A winning method

Our production process is designed to meet all production needs and requirements. Each step is shaped around the customer and his/her wishes, ensuring high quality at every stage to achieve a product that is consistent with the project specifications.

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    Since 1987 we have been assisting our customers by listening carefully to their needs in the world of plastics processing. We take care of their projects, from the initial idea to the serial production of the product. Research, innovation, know-how allow us to be a precise and reliable partner for numerous customers, leaders in their sectors.

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