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Some product categories require the design and manufacture using plastics with special characteristics. Our expertise in this area and our technological infrastructure enables us to handle these raw materials in a cross-cutting, professional and high-quality manner. We create unique products using special materials, both in terms of technical characteristics and aesthetic performance. Our experience guarantees the highest quality result for our customers.


Is a polymer characterised by: high mechanical performance, excellent chemical resistance, continuous use from 260 C to - 60 C.


Polyamide has greater dimensional stability than its classic variant.


A semi-crystalline thermoplastic material with excellent resistance to thermal deformation.


Is a polymer used to fill very thin thicknesses, stable and precise dimensions, high rigidity, very high chemical resistance, continuous use up to 250 C.


A thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical properties and chemical and thermal resistance.


Thermoplastic elastomers are plastics with elastic properties similar to rubber.

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Special plastics are often used in sectors where precision and physical-mechanical qualities cannot be compromised. Discover some of the applications of these raw materials.