Where required by the industry or requested by the Customer, we can ensure compliance with specific standards, requirements and regulations using the Parts Production Approval Process: PPAP.

The product approval process involves checking the specifications in the 2D drawing, initiating the eventual mould set-up, and completing the process phase until product compliance is achieved.

Problem Solving

Through process capability analysis, we can assess the constancy, robustness, and conformity of the process/product to intervene promptly in possible drifts from the intended goals.

MSA Measurement System Analysis.

This methodology allows us to evaluate and ensure the use of reliable and accurate measurement instruments and equipment both in the approval phase and for series production monitoring.

Control Plan - CP

The critical product and process issues and the risks assessed in the PFMEA analysis represent the main features reported in our Control Plan. Therefore, Quality Control in Production achieves high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

Optical dimensional control

We can offer different levels of control depending on the complexity of the part and the volumes produced. We have the necessary equipment to be able to check the dimensions of the parts produced. For more demanding control requirements (0 defects, critical tolerances, large volumes) we can set up vision systems integrated with the production line. For some customers we already check 100% of the parts using optical vision systems and 3D scanning that automatically reject out-of-tolerance parts.


Certified quality


Over the years, we have obtained certifications for our work to ensure that the production process meets quality standards, reflected in the finished product.

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