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The over-moulding technique allows you to add details, colours, or functionality to your project.

This process uses heat to inject plastic into a mould containing other components, plastic, rubber, or metal; this means that, through simple pressure, two surfaces join with a different molecular structure.


Plastic on plastic

Rigid over rigid consists of applying an additional layer of plastic material on an existing or already moulded plastic part, mainly two components with different aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Rubber on plastic

Rigid rubber is the application of a rubber layer on a preexisting plastic part. It mainly solves sealing problems and is suitable for gaskets and objects on which specific IP seals are needed.

Plastic on metal

The rigidity of metal or rubber on metal consists of applying a layer of plastic or rubber on the metal, creating the possibility of having the performance characteristics of plastic/rubber and metal in a single product.

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Our knowledge and moulding techniques are versatile for all products and needs, and over the years we have specialised in certain areas that have allowed us to improve and deepen the design and production process.

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