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Overmoulding is a technique for joining two structurally different materials, such as metal and plastic or different types of plastics (one rigid and one thermoplastic rubber). This can basically be done either through chemical bonding or through mechanical coupling of the parts; depending on the needs of our customers, we study the most appropriate technical solution for the project. 

We use plastic overmoulding to meet the needs of customers who want unique and highly functional product performance. We do this thanks to the expertise of our professionals and our state-of-the-art machinery.

Product functionality

Product functionality C: The main aim of this production technique is to make the product high-performing by exploiting the specific technical characteristics of the two materials used.

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Production flexibility

Akron is able to manage the supply of overmoulded parts for both large batches and medium-sized orders, optimising its production process.

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Certified quality

Additionally for this process, Akron certifies the highest quality to the end customer, thanks to the use of tools for checking and testing the manufactured components.

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Akron guarantees full support in the manufacture of the overmoulded component. Given the complexity and degree of innovation that this technique requires, we are able to provide product design, manufacture of the specific mould and assembly.

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