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Our process is 360º


Design and DFM

The first phase of the process consists of the project's revision and collaboration from the first project phases. We conduct a pre-analysis of feasibility and research product design to identify the best product design and engineering solution.


Prototyping and sampling

We manage 3D prototypes and sampling to check the result beforehand. Through these steps we anticipate anticipates critical issues in the production process, such as the thickness of the walls, the difficulty of filling the figures, and the positioning of the injection points, regardless of the techniques used.

Mould making

Mould making

We build low and high-circulation moulds and guarantee their maintenance. Our in-house machine shop allows us to optimise time and significantly reduce costs.

Design and manufacture of mouldss

Design and manufacture of moulds

The moulds are designed according to the customer’s needs. The construction of moulds for plastics is a fundamental part of the process, their construction is essential to enable the production of a high-performance finished product in line with the required characteristics.



The production and processing of plastics come alive; we take care of the production of each product in detail, using the selected materials and the most suitable presses. We have horizontal, vertical and twin-cylinder presses to be able to choose and adapt them to each product.



We assemble the produced parts using automated or manual processes to make semi-assemblies or finished products. To ensure the best result, we study the necessary combinations between the assembly services we offer.

Quality control

Quality control

During all the production process phases, our technicians take care of the control: testing and verifying, the product requirements, the critical quotas, and the project quality standards. We manage product approval to ensure performance for the application sector.


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