StaWe produce for various applications

Akron is cross-sectoral

Akron provides production solutions using the best injection moulding technologies. Thanks to experience built up over the years, we have increased the company’s know-how. We do not just create products for one sector, we guarantee the same quality across different sectors. Some of our sectors.


We optimise, develop and print components for the automotive market, where precision and performance are essential.

Air conditioning and ventilation

We design and print products for civil and industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Construction machinery and equipment

We respond to the needs of the industry by designing and injection moulding solutions for companies working with construction machinery and equipment.

Electrical and mechatronic systems

We develop high-performance solutions for the electronics and mechatronics sector, thanks also to automated machinery that optimises and speeds up the production.

Fluid management tools

We manufacture components for companies operating in fluid handling equipment. Metal replacement contributes to the engineering revolution that our customers are perpetrating.

Smart Meters Systems

Over time we have specialised in the production of components for smart meters designed for intelligent control and remote reading of the energy used.

Household appliance industry

We injection mould components for coffee machines, dishwashers and all small and large appliances on the market.

Technical components

We optimise and print products for the manufacture of equipment and components for industrial technical applications.


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