Hollow and resistant objects


The plastic-blowing technique makes hollow objects suitable for many applications.

We use the polymer blowing technique even when producing no disposable, but long-lasting products is required.

Strength and durability

The products are designed to withstand even harsh conditions and environments, under stress and shock, and when subjected to chemical aggression.

Design flexibility

We can produce a wide range of shapes and designs by making customised products. We can also develop components with different weight characteristics that match the design needs of your products.

Economic and sustainable

The blowing process can be economical compared to other techniques available on the market; it also stands out for its environmental sustainability.

Products for all industries

Areas in which we work

Our knowledge and moulding techniques are versatile for all products and needs; over the years, we have specialised in some areas, allowing us to improve and deepen the design and production process.

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