Mechanics available


We make moulds and have an internal mechanical workshop that perfectly syncs with the remaining phases of the production process. The mechanical workshop builds the moulds for plastic materials, ensuring compliance with the technical and dimensional specifications required, and takes care of the maintenance.


Mould making

The company’s in-house mould manufacturing makes us competitive in manufacturing costs and ensures optimal service; we can guarantee a flawless product from design to maintenance.


Mechanical processing

On short production runs, we provide this service, which consists of mechanically reworking the product, reducing the complexity of the mould without sacrificing quality.


Do you have a plastic product that you would like to optimise?

We analyse and study the best technical solution to perform production.

Our works speak for us

Case studies

Our products’ applications can be traced back to various sectors. We have selected some examples of work done over time on which we have collaborated to improve the product’s performance and bring it to quality and improvement.

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